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“The job went extremely smooth and was completed in a highly professional and efficient manner. I am very pleased with both the process and the beautiful results. The project was multi-faceted and complicated as any remodeling job entails. There were a lot of details involving multiple building sectors, and we had to respect landmark rules while blending in with the existing structure.

The crew led by Mario was very cohesive, punctual, talented, productive, flexible, and friendly. His team is fluent in English (with a variety of charming Caribbean accents). Mario is very responsive, an excellent communicator, and a great team leader. He was there every day, not only overseeing the work, but was very hands-on, showing precious skills, including carpentry. Mario also contributed great design ideas and judicious troubleshooting solutions. Of course, I made several last minute changes or additions, which inflated the original budget, but the corresponding charges were well itemized, justified, and very reasonable. The payment schedule had no surprises and was always well-timed. It does not hurt that Mario is also an IT wizard. All of his subcontractors for electricity, plumbing, HVAC, and metal work were fantastic. They delivered diligently on the promised dates. It makes a big difference when subcontractors are well-coordinated. They obviously knew and respected each other well and were happy to work with Mario.

I don’t share these compliments lightly. My first experience with contractors was with a big Chinese construction company that handled a complete house rehabilitation project 20 years ago, followed by a first bout of remodeling 8 years later. Despite the linguistic challenges, it was quite impressive, instructional, and satisfying to work with large and diligent crews. For this year’s project, I was dreaming to replicate such a smooth experience but large companies were not too keen on handling small-scale, diversified, and detail-oriented projects. It took me several years to find a reliable and interested contractor who presented a reasonably priced, professional proposal and who had the references I was looking for. In fact, I was about to sign a contract with another general contractor when a participant from the HARLEM HOME list shared a timely and specific warning which discouraged me from pursuing this deal. For the sake of finding a good match, I took the risk of passing the DOB deadline for the approved drawings, rehiring another architect, pulling another permit, and continuing my search for a contractor. Mario Bissessar was recommended, among others, by my second architect, Mr. Mati Yaacobi ([email protected]), who is also a Harlemite. The wait and extra costs were so worth it!”

– Sylvie

“I worked with Mario on a previous job. Mario performed a wide range of projects related to my townhouse renovation in NYC and most recently renovated the basement. I am an architect and I have referred Mario to other architects and non-architect friends. Mario is a good communicator and tries to meet expectations. The work is of good quality and his rates are fair. How did City Line Interiors handle any unexpected challenges or surprises during the renovation? Well, Mario is a good problem-solver and is able to identify creative and cost-effective solutions.”

– John